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Principal Simon Smith is more than an elite Senior Cybersecurity and High Tech Forensic Investigator. Simon is a CISO, Founder, CFE, Cybercrime Expert, First Responder and Snr. Intelligence Officer and Fraud Expert known as the eVestigator®.

He has 21 years collective experience in criminology, ITSec, Investigation, and strong Project, People and Process, skills that set him far ahead.

Simon is also skilled in Cybersecurity, Criminology, Computer Forensics, Dark Web, Cryptography, Cryptocurrency, Stenography, Blockchain, Software Engineering & more. He consults, designs, holds 11 Post-Grad Dip/Certs+, NMAS Mediator, FDRP, Certified Fraud Examiner, Counter Intelligence Engineer, Licensed Private Investigator and independent expert to the courts and he has even been asked to assist US & UK Police forces.

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Melbourne, Victoria Australia
M: 0410 643 121


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